Path to Positive Utah

Path to Positive Utah
02 May 2017

Climate change presents one of the greatest challenges of our time.  In order to amplify the great work being done by countless individuals and organizations to address climate change, we have teamed up with ecoAmerica and the Utah Climate Action Network to launch Path to Positive Utah, a campaign highlighting Utah’s climate champions.

Climate Champions

We recognize that in order to advance smart climate solutions cross a diverse range of communities, it is essential to continually empower new and diverse messengers to convey the concern, solutions and most importantly – hope – to meet the climate challenge head on. To this end, we have teamed up with ecoAmerica and the Utah Climate Action Network to launch the Path to Positive Utah (P2PUT) campaign.

Path to Positive Utah seeks to engage and support a diverse cohort of high-level community leaders from government, business, faith, higher education, and other organizations that are united in advancing climate solutions in Utah.

What the program entails:

  • Individuals support the Path to Positive declaration (see below)
  • Leaders choose how they want to engage
  • Commit to advancing smart climate solutions in their business/organization
  • Path to Positive will provide trainings and materials on climate change communications, program and technical guides
  • Leaders eligible to participate in a National Climate Leaders Forum
  • Leaders provided opportunities to provide success stories/editorials

Path to Positive Leadership Declaration

Utah is a state of pioneers—strong, capable, and innovative—always in pursuit of a better life, with a firm connection to our values. Climate change poses risks to our economy and threatens our quality of life. We know that as a community we can take a shared responsibility in protecting our vibrant economy while providing clean air and a healthy environment.

As leaders across various sectors we commit to take positive steps to address our changing climate within our businesses and organizations. We will inspire and support resilient communities and smart solutions. In so doing, we can address our changing climate and light the path for others by once again demonstrating Utah’s pioneering spirit, leadership, and capability.


Path to Positive Utah is designed to address the facts of climate change – not advocate a specific policy or technical solution. If you are a leader or would like to nominate a leader to participate in P2PU, please contact Ryan Stolley at .

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