Net Metering

Net Metering

Because Rocky Mountain Power is a monopoly, it has to request permission from the Public Service Commission if it wants to change its prices (aka electricity rates). We at Utah Clean Energy want your electricity rates to reflect good policy—that is, we want to see price signals (for all you economics geeks out there) that encourage smart energy behaviors, like energy efficiency, electric plug-in vehicles, and rooftop solar.

The Latest

In August, Rocky Mountain Power's proposed $4.65 solar fee was denied by the Public Service Commission pending a cost-benefit analysis of solar.  The first step to get the ball rolling on this analysis will take place November 5th at a technical conference addressing RMP's planned residential load research study. Parties may also discuss the process and schedule of the broader net metering cost/benefit evaluation.



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Staff Attorney Sophie Hayes looking inexplicably happy despite the giant stack of rate case testimony ahead of her.

The debate over Rocky Mountain Powers' highly controversial proposal for a $4.65 solar fee included 6 rounds of testimony, countless meetings and thousands of community advocates.  If you are interested, you can check out all of the related testimony and documents here including the testimony of Sarah Wright and Rick Gilliam on behalf of Utah Clean Energy.

In July, Utah Clean Energy submitted the last round of testimony followed by two days Public Service Commission hearing: cross examining witnesses and undergoing cross-examination regarding our testimony advocating for a fair shake for rooftop solar. 

The public hearing followed and we were thrilled with the amazing turnout! Approximately 60+ citizens participated in the public hearing, voicing opposition to the proposed solar fee. These participants included Utahns with and without solar, retirees, doctors, parents, businesses and concerned citizens of all ages.


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