Clean Energy Business Coalition

The Clean Energy Business Coalition provides a unique opportunity to join a diverse, powerful community dedicated to transforming the way we use and distribute energy across the West.


 "On both a business and moral level, a healthy wild environment is integral to Black Diamond's future.  We are committed to protecting it for the sake of our customers, our shareholders, and ourselves. As such, Utah Clean Energy has been a pivotable partner in this commitment.  They are fierce and tenacious advocates for the utmost issue of our time." - Charlie Boas, Black Diamond Equipment

"Utah Clean Energy has been the driving force needed to advance the renewable energy industry in Utah. They have, and continue to play, a vital role in educating our politicians and power companies on what is being done across the nation and have given a voice to what residents of this beautiful state want. We are proud to be a partner with Utah Clean Energy." - Mark Richards, Intermountain Wind and Solar

"My positive experience working with Utah Clean Energy affirms their commitment to clean energy and its role in bolstering our state's economy. In addition to providing technical resources, they possess considerable skill in bringing together diverse stakeholders to accomplish a common goal." - Vicki Bennett, Salt Lake City Office of Sustainability and the Environment

Who are the members of the Clean Energy Coalition?

  • Businesses who share our commitment to leading the clean energy transformation
  • Renewable energy industry leaders
  • Energy efficiency industry leaders
  • Community groups and nonprofits
  • Local governments and policymakers
  • Researchers and educational institution

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Case for business sustainability amplified
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with clean energy companies and leaders
  • Forum to better understand and discuss complex energy issues
  • Opportunity to influence effective energy efficiency and renewable energy policies
  • Shared platform for action
  • Access to Utah Clean Energy staff for expert advice, policy information,
    and technical support
  • Exposure on Utah Clean Energy's website
  • Visibility in event and media opportunities we secure on behalf of our members

What are the responsibilities of membership?

Utah Clean Energy looks to our Coalition Members for leadership, council,
and on-the-ground connections. Members are encouraged to participate in coalition committees and to attend networking events, group calls,
and policy briefings. However, we do not mandate the specific involvement
of any company in a particular activity or event. Member companies are free to choose those meetings, briefings, engagements and initiatives that best suit their needs and political preferences.

What are the membership dues?

Annual membership dues are charged on a sliding scale, based on the type
of organization and number of employees. Please contact Brandy at 801-903-2024 or for more information.