Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Simplified: One Stop Shop for Going Solar 

Solar is a smart choice: solar panels work silently all day long to power your home with clean, renewable electricity, cut your power bill, and keep money in your pocket each month. What’s not to love? But we know that solar can also be confusing, and you’re busy enough already.

That’s why we created Solar Simplified: to de-mystify the process of installing solar on your home. For 10 Simple Steps to Solar (and much, much more), please visit www.SolarSimplified.org

This link will take you away from Utah Clean Energy’s website, but don’t worry! Solar Simplified was created by Utah Clean Energy, Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake County.

In addition to solar simplied and our community solar programs there is now a way that Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing can help put solar on commercial and industrial properties with little or no up front cost. Click Here to learn more.