It's about our future 

Without immediate action, the repercussions of our overheating planet will quickly become impossible to avoid. We must ask ourselves, what kind of world do we want to leave for our children, grandchildren, and future generations? Do we want to be the generation that ignored this threat, or do we want to be the generation that turned things around? 

It's about taking action

The good news is that we already have the tools needed to turn the tide on the climate crisis! And there is an ever-growing community of champions like you dedicated to ending our dependence on polluting energy. Together we can create a healthy climate and stable world for our generation and the next. We can reduce emissions, clean up our air, and empower communities to take action against the climate crisis. 

How you can help

You can help solve the climate crisis and protect our future—invest in Utah Clean Energy! We are a 501(c)3 certified non-profit organization, and making a gift may provide tax benefits to you. Please consult your tax advisor for more information on the best way for you to give. Your giving options include:

  • ONLINE gifts can be made with a credit card by clicking on the “DONATE NOW” button above.
  • CHECKS payable to Utah Clean Energy can be mailed to us at 1014 E 2nd Ave,  Salt Lake City, UT 84103
  • MONTHLY giving is critical to our mission and enables us to fully support our programs and respond quickly when urgent action on climate is needed. As little as $10 a month can have a significant impact on our work. Recurring monthly gifts made via credit card are convenient and can be set up by clicking the “DONATE" button above.
  • What better way to protect the future than with a LEGACY GIFT? Contact Brandy Smith our Communications Director, to find out how easy it is to leave a gift to Utah Clean Energy in your will:  or call (801) 903-2024
  • Your IRA can help create a healthy climate for today and for the future! A QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTION from your retirement account is a generous way for you to invest in our work, and it may satisfy your annual required minimum distribution requirement. Talk with your tax or financial advisor for more information on giving directly from your retirement account. 
  • STOCK TRANSFERS are another convenient way for you to make a gift to Utah Clean Energy. This type of gift may also offer tax benefits. Please to talk to your tax or financial advisor for more information. 

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