Renewable Incentives

Renewable Incentives

The following table provides a quick summary of the various types of incentives available to the residential sector and the commercial/non-residential sector. Please be sure to consult with an expert and review all the guidelines and rules carefully.



Incentive Type



Varies by utility (see below)

25% capped at $1,600 until 12/31/20

25% capped at $1,200 until 12/31/21

25% capped at $800 until 12/31/22

25% capped at $400 until 12/31/23

Expires in 2024

There is no cap on the ITC.

30% until 12/31/19

26% until12/31/20

22% until12/31/21

Expires starting 2022


Commercial & Non-Residential

Varies by utility (see below)

Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit:

10% up to $50,000

There is no cap for the commercial ITC.

30% until 12/31/19

26% until 12/31/20

22% until12/31/21

10% beginning in 2022

Sales Tax Exemption (for projects >2 MW or expansions of >1 MW)

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System   


 USDA Loan Guarantee

 Utility-Scale & Manufacturing 


 Utah Alternative Energy Development Incentive (for > 2 MW)

Qualifying Advanced Energy Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit


Utah Alternative Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit

 Other Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Incentives:

Residential Incentives:

Commercial Incentives:

  • Tax credits: Utah offers commercial entities that install solar an Investment Tax Credit that is worth 10% of the cost of system, up to $50,000. In addition, there are several federal incentives for businesses that invest in solar. A comprehensive summary of the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit is available here.

Another Commercial Incentive comes in the form of Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) that allows commercial properties to install Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy up grades with little or no upfront cost. Click here to learn more.

(from the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency)

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