Brewing a Better Climate with Uinta's 801 Community Builder

Brewing a Better Climate with Uinta's 801 Community Builder
08 March 2017

Brewing a Better Climate

Climate change is impacting all of us, today, in places and ways you wouldn’t expect.  For example, who knew that the brewing industry is now in the crosshairs of a changing climate? At the end of the day, beer is an agricultural product, its main ingredients are water, hops, and barley. Climate change affects how and where hops and barley can be grown, forcing brewers to find ways to cope with unpredictable weather events, temperature swings and drought. 

Local brewer, Uinta Brewing is no exception.  Recognizing the need to take action on climate change, both for their business, and or our community, Utah based Uinta Brewing Company has become a leader in sustainable brewing. They were one of the first Utah businesses to go solar over a decade ago, and they have implemented impressive energy efficiency initiatives for their brewing practices. 

801 Community Builder

We all have a role to play in addressing climate change. Utah Clean Energy is a proud partner of Uinta’s 801 Community Builder brand, whose mission is to support local non-profit organizations by donating proceeds and generating awareness for causes that align with Uinta’s values.

Uinta Brewing Company introduced 801 Pilsner as a tribute to their hometown (historically the 801 area code encompassed all of Utah). The brewing company labeled 801 Pilsner as their "Community Builder" brand, and in the fall of 2016, they announced Utah Clean Energy as their next Community Builder partner. Utah Clean Energy is a leading Utah non-profit that specializes in solutions that combat climate change and build a new clean energy economy.

Thank you Uinta Brewing for supporting climate solutions in Utah!