2017 Utah Clean Energy Annual Networking Party and Fundraiser a Great Success!

2017 Utah Clean Energy Annual Networking Party and Fundraiser a Great Success!
17 November 2017

On November 2nd, Utah Clean Energy was joined by longtime supporters and new friends for our annual Networking Party and Fundraiser.  Internationally-recognized ocean conservationist Richard Vevers headlined, and the evening was co-hosted by Ormat Technologies, Inc. and sPower, who share our commitment to clean energy and the climate. The sold-out event included over 300 of Utah’s leaders who gathered to celebrate Utah’s clean energy successes and immeasurable potential.

Our keynote speaker was Richard Vevers, is known for inventing innovative underwater cameras and working with leading scientists to create the only comprehensive, virtual-reality record of the ocean around the world. Vevers’ success in visually documenting and revealing the longest and most devastating event to impact coral reefs ever recorded, has become the subject of the Netflix documentary, Chasing Coral.

2017 Visionary Leadership Awards

At the celebration, Utah Clean Energy aslo presented annual Visionary Leadership Awards to four community clean-energy champions for adopting ambitious 100 percent renewable energy goals. Awardees included: Park City Mayor Jack Thomas, City of Moab Mayor Dave Sakrison, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Summit County Council Chair Chris Robinson.

Park City was honored for committing to run on 100 percent renewable electricity for city operations by 2022, and for the whole community by 2032. Salt Lake City was recognized for its Climate Positive Salt Lake City platform that will document the city’s progress on a variety of climate-related goals including: 100 percent renewable energy for the community’s electricity supply by 2032 and an 80 percent reduction in community greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The City of Moab was honored for working to ensure that 100 percent of the community's energy supply comes from renewable energy sources by 2032, while pushing for an earlier 2027 transition to meet its municipal energy needs. Moab is also seeking an 80 percent reduction in community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. Summit County will be awarded for transitioning to renewable electric energy by the year 2032, as part of the county's ongoing effort to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. Summit County Council is reported to be one of the counties in the country to make such a declaration, and is the only county in Utah to do so.

“I’m inspired by the many governments, businesses and communities that have committed to a clean, healthy future, powered by renewable energy,” said Sarah Wright, director of Utah Clean Energy. “We are excited to celebrate these leaders, and we look forward to all that we will continue to accomplish together.”

“Utah Clean Energy is truly a leader in advancing renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart programs and policies that create jobs in Utah,” said Paul Thompson of Ormat Technologies that supplies and develops geothermal, recovered-energy and energy management and storage solutions across the globe. “Ormat shares in their commitment in building a clean energy economy for the state.”

Ryan Creamer of sPower, the Salt Lake-based national leading developer and owner-operator of renewable energy facilities across the U.S that delivers reliable and cost-competitive energy to utilities, municipalities and commercial customers said, “We would like to congratulate Utah Clean Energy on its tremendous success in collaborating with utilities, regulatory and industry stakeholders to seek clean-energy solutions over the past 16 years. We are proud to be their partner and to continue to lead the state in clean energy development.”