Utah Leaders Convene for Climate Briefing

Utah Leaders Convene for Climate Briefing
30 August 2019

Utah Clean Energy in partnership with Love Communications, Gardner Company, The Nature Conservancy and Zions Bank hosted a climate briefing with 150 of Utah’s prominent change-makers. As part of our Path to Positive Utah initiative, the luncheon served as a platform to bring on new leaders and voices in the work to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

Path to Positive Utah is a collaborative initiative led by Utah Clean Energy and ecoAmerica that represents a diverse group of leaders seeking to understand, prepare for and raise awareness about climate change risks and solutions. Climate change represents one of the most significant economic and cultural challenges of the 21st century; understanding the complexity of this challenge is critical to addressing it. To that end, the luncheon featured a thought-provoking presentation by one of Utah’s preeminent thinkers on climate science and policy, Dr. Robert Davies.

"This is simply one of the most compelling and moving presentations I have ever see, from an exceptional presenter in Professor Robert Davies from Utah State University. Even if you think you know everything about climate change – and you don’t – you will be awed, moved and probably frightened with what thousands of scientists know and agree upon around the world.”     - Tom Love, President/Founding Partner, Love Communications

The luncheon illustrates the growing interest in Utah to address climate change. With each new leader that speaks out on climate and takes action within their community, we build the necessary momentum for transformative climate action. Utah Clean Energy firmly believes that Utah is a caring and pragmatic state, and we can be the conservative state that moves beyond partisanship to meaningful climate policies.