Let Senator Romney Know Utah Supports Climate Action

Let Senator Romney Know Utah Supports Climate Action
03 December 2019

Utah Clean Energy is pleased that Senator Mitt Romney has stepped up to show leadership on climate solutions. We need bold leadership from members of both our major political parties if we are to achieve meaningful national action to mitigate and prepare for the impacts of climate change. Climate change is not a partisan issue and we believe that Utah can and should be the conservative state that leads the U.S. in developing a bipartisan response to climate change.  

Last month, Senator Romney took a critical step forward by joining the bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus, along with 4 other Republican Senators, 3 Democratic Senators, and an independent Senator. This small active working group will play a major role in shaping national legislation.

Contact Senator Romney Today

What we need to do now is to demonstrate our support as citizens of Utah for Senator Romney’s leadership. So we ask you to call Senator Romney to show your support for his leadership on climate change. You can call either the Utah office at 801-524-4380 or the Washington D.C. office at (202) 224-5251 to express your support for the Senator’s bold leadership on climate change.

We encourage you to keep your message short and personal, here are a few talking points to help you with your calls:

  • I want to thank Senator Romney for his leadership in showing support for climate action by joining the Climate Solutions Caucus.
  • Climate change is an urgent challenge to our nation’s future and bold leadership is necessary to address it.
  • Climate change is not a partisan issue and Utah has a critical role to play in forging meaningful, bipartisan climate solutions.

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