Rebuilding and Reimagining our Energy Future

Rebuilding and Reimagining our Energy Future
14 April 2020

With the world turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, looking ahead feels strange, even wrong.  But even amid such dramatic upheaval and loss, there is also an upswell of hope. We at Utah Clean Energy are humbled by the countless people that continue to show their courage and humanity through this crisis. We are inspired by the actions of people across the globe, doing what is necessary to ensure our health and safety. 

While all eyes and hearts are on getting through the coronavirus pandemic, many of us also recognize the undeniable parallels between the extreme steps we are collectively taking today, and the possibilities of what we can do together to mitigate climate change. In the face of a world-wide pandemic, individuals, businesses, and governments have taken unprecedented action. While we too want to see our communities rejoined and our businesses up and running, there is a lesson to be learned.

Screen Shot 2020 04 14 at 3.12.57 PMThis pandemic has shined a light on the extraordinary things that can happen when the world acts in unison.  We are struck by images from across the globe of cities, from Los Angeles to New Delhi, with clear skies for the first time in years. These images, while temporary, offer a glimpse into what the world could look like in the future if we offer up a bold and imaginative plan for recovery with public health and clean energy at its core. With bold leadership, we can rebuild our economy and put Americans back to work creating a society that is less vulnerable, more resilient, and more prepared to face the impacts of climate change.  But, if we simply return to business as usual, we will find ourselves marching towards another global catastrophe caused by climate change.

Rethink, Reimagine, and Rebuild

We don’t need to be dependent on polluting energy. This isn’t news. The prices for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and storage are now at or below that of fossil energy. Electric vehicle prices continue to fall. And zero-emissions energy can keep us not only healthier but prosperous as well. What is lacking is the unified political will to make it happen. 

The health and economic consequences of the coronavirus will continue to send shockwaves through our globe, but eventually, we will begin to rebuild. The question remains, will we rebuild with our eye on a better future?  Climate solutions are at our fingertips that not only ensure a healthy climate but create new industries, jobs and healthier, stronger communities.

Now is the time to call for bold climate action from our policymakers.  We encourage everyone to reach out to your local and federal leaders, asking them to reignite our economy by making clean energy a central building block in the economic stimulus. We have a unique opportunity to seize solutions that will not only rebuild our economy but also protect our communities from the looming threats of climate change.  As we begin to rebuild and reimagine our future, let's remain united with a keen eye on a healthier, cleaner, and safer future.