01 July 2020

Ask Congress to Act Now and Support Clean Energy in Crucial Economic Recovery and Infrastructure Bills 

Last week the House of Representatives Democrats passed a massive $1.5 trillion energy, transportation, and infrastructure package, H.R. 2, “The Moving Forward Act” that includes some important clean energy and energy efficiency provisions, but that bill is unlikely to gain traction the Senate.  Either way, we anticipate that Congress will try to pass another round of economic relief before the end of the summer.  It is vital that the next round of economic relief includes clean energy, energy efficiency, and climate solutions. 

That is why Utah Clean Energy joined with 30 businesses, mayors, and community partners to ask Utah’s congressional delegation to make investments that will harness our state’s abundant clean energy resources as part of Congressional action on COVID-19. Specifically, we are requesting that Congress take immediate action to: 

  • protect clean energy industries in Utah,  
  • incentivize energy efficiency measures in our homes, schools, and businesses,  
  • and commit to transformative investments in grid modernization and energy storage.  

Take Action 

Congress must follow through and act this year to ensure that our economic recovery plans include clean energy, energy efficiency, and climate solutions. We are calling on the President and our members of Congress to take action this summer to recognize that clean energy and combating climate change must play a central role in our economy recovery. 

Call your members of Congress and ask them to take action this year to support Utah’s clean energy industries and prioritize renewable energy and energy efficiency in any COVID-19 economic response legislation.  Find the contact information for your members of Congress here: https://www.utah.gov/government/contactgov.html  

Talking Points 

  • Businesses and political leaders of all stripes recognize that investing in clean energy is necessary to help our economy recover and to address the risks of climate change. Heather Reams of the right-leaning Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions has stated that “If you’re going to put taxpayer money some place, put it where you’re going to get a good return and that is in clean energy.” 
  • Investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electric vehicles is an effective way to create jobs for Utahns and reduce air pollution. A recent report by Goldman Sachs found that clean energy infrastructure is 1.5 to 3 three times more capital and labor intensive than traditional energy resources and could create 15-20 million jobs worldwide. 
  • Given our abundant clean energy resources, Utah is well-positioned to benefit from federal and state economic recovery efforts that prioritize energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles.  
  • Action now is critical to protecting Utah’s clean energy industries and stopping further job losses.