Utah Clean Energy Named "Regulatory Champion of the Year"

Utah Clean Energy Named "Regulatory Champion of the Year"
21 July 2017

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) awarded Utah Clean Energy with a 2017 3iAward, recognizing the nation’s best in “innovation, ingenuity and inspiration” in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Utah Clean Energy received the Regulatory Champion of the Year Award for our collaborative effort with Salt Lake City to develop a 10-year solar deployment plan to provide the solar industry, regulators, local governments and utilities with tools to simplify and expand rooftop solar. Thanks in part to Utah Clean Energy’s work on solar, Utah has overcome multiple barriers to solar adoption and has experienced extraordinary market growth. Formerly a nascent market, solar's estimated annual benefit to Utah's economy rose to $300 million in 2016, and the state rocketed from 16th to sixth in the nation for total solar capacity installed.

"We’re proud to recognize our 2017 IREC 3iAward recipients – among the nation’s most extraordinary people, projects and programs making a sustainable energy future a reality,” said IREC Board Chair Larry Shirley.

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