Proposed Advanced Inverter Program

Proposed Advanced Inverter Program
19 September 2017

Utah Clean Energy recently commented on a program that RMP has proposed to study advanced inverters. New technologies, like advanced inverters, will facilitate greater adoption of renewable energy. This is an issue that residential and commercial solar installers might be interested in, as it could result in changes to interconnection rules or policies.

Rocky Mountain Power has proposed a program to investigate the impacts of smart inverters on the grid, and Utah Clean Energy submitted comments to the Public Service Commission to ensure that we take full advantage of the benefits smart inverters can provide. We know that smart inverters can be used to integrate more renewable energy into the grid and provide additional power quality services that improve the grid for everyone. It’s important that the utility gains experience working with these technologies, and that stakeholders like Utah Clean Energy are involved so that we can understand how the findings from this program may impact other renewable energy proceedings in Utah (like the upcoming rooftop solar Export Credit Proceeding). Rocky Mountain Power is also proposing changes to Utah interconnection rules, and if it turns out that changes are warranted, we’d like to work with the utility to complete a holistic review of the rules to make sure we are up-to-date with national best practices. You can read Utah Clean Energy’s comments here, or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on this and other clean energy issues.

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