Utah Clean Energy's 2018 Legislative Session Priorities

Utah Clean Energy's 2018 Legislative Session Priorities
09 January 2018

Utah Clean Energy is tracking a variety of clean energy policies. Below are our priority areas.  Click here to view a full list of all clean energy, air quality and climate related legislation under consideration during the 2018 Legislative Session.

Electric Vehicle Adoption

Electric vehicles offering significant air quality and financial benefits to our communities. However, the Utah Legislature is weighing new fees on electric vehicles, which could undermine momentum towards clean electric vehicles. Utah Clean Energy supports reinstating the state electric vehicle tax credit and other measures to accelerate EV adoption.

Residential Solar Tax Credit

Utah Clean Energy supports legislation to continue the residential solar tax credit at $1600 each year per the terms of the settlement agreement with Rocky Mountain Power, the solar industry, and other advocacy groups in the recent net metering proceeding. This legislation will help keep rooftop solar systems affordable for Utah residents and businesses and support the growth of solar jobs in Utah.

Energy Efficient Buildings

We support policies that help households and businesses reduce their energy costs by improving energy efficiency in Utah’s buildings. We support incentives to promote efficiency upgrades, improved standards for energy codes, and policies that create market transparency for building energy performance to help Utahns understand and manage their energy costs.

Energy Storage Technologies

Energy storage technologies, including battery storage, provide an opportunity to build a cleaner, more resilient grid by integrating more renewable energy resources into Utah’s electricity mix. Smart investments in energy storage technologies can keep electricity costs low in the future. Utah Clean Energy supports legislation to create a grant program that will incentivize and spur adoption of energy storage technologies in our state.

Risks of Climate Change

Climate change poses significant risks to Utah’s economy and our families, and may exacerbate our air quality challenges. Utah Clean Energy supports legislative resolutions that acknowledge the risks of climate change and the significant economic benefits to Utah families and businesses from climate solutions.

Expanding Energy Choice

Utah Clean Energy supports legislative efforts to provide residents and businesses with more choices about their energy generation mix and that allow Utah customers to take advantage of the rapidly falling costs of solar, wind, and energy storage technologies.

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