Bringing Energy Savings to Underserved SLC Neighborhoods

Bringing Energy Savings to Underserved SLC Neighborhoods
31 January 2018

Utah Clean Energy is excited to announce the launch of a new initiative to help underserved and low-income communities transition to a low carbon future.

Underserved and low-income communities are disproportionately burdened by energy costs, and extreme temperatures in summer and winter exacerbate this challenge. Adding to the problem, underserved populations also often live in housing with inefficient heating and cooling systems, poor insulation, and inefficient lighting, all of which drive up costs in extreme weather events. And while underserved communities stand to benefit most from energy savings, they are least likely to utilize these resources due to prohibitive up-front costs, limited program promotion, and linguistic barriers.

Neighborhood LED “Light Swaps”


1. Select a "Light Swap" event
2. Unscrew 5 light bulbs
3. Bring the 5 old bulbs to the event
4. Pick up 5 *FREE* energy-saving LEDs
5. Install your energy-saving LEDs
6. Start saving $$$! 

Utah Clean Energy is working with local partners, including area libraries and schools, Salt Lake City, and Rocky Mountain Power to help community members access energy-saving programs. In addition to hosting convening meetings with community leaders, advocates, non-governmental organizations, local government and utility companies to provide a platform that allows community members’ voices to be heard in the planning process for a larger energy efficiency campaign in these communities, Utah Clean Energy is also hosting a series of Neighborhood “Light Swaps”. These “Light Swap” events will allow households located in the 84104 and 84116 zip codes to “swap” 5 conventional light bulbs for 5 energy-saving LEDs for FREE. At the events, participants will also learn about other free and low-cost ways to save energy and money, and improve local air quality. Thank you to Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart program for donating nearly 800 LED light bulbs for this project!


How to participate

To participate in a”Light Swap” event, please attend one of our Swap site locations. Remember to bring 5 conventional bulbs to trade in for LEDs! Even if your conventional bulbs are still working, replacing them with 5 LEDs will save you around $79 per year, or $1,300 over the lifetime of the bulbs.[i]


“Light Swap” Event Dates, Times & Locations

[i] Replacing five traditional 60 watt bulbs with 9 watt LEDs will save $79 per year (assuming the bulb being replaced is a 60 watt bulb being used 8 hours/day, at an average cost of $0.11/kWh) Lifespan of LED bulbs is 50,000 hours, or roughly 17 years if averaging 8 hours/day.


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