Solar Energy Innovation Network

Solar Energy Innovation Network
27 April 2018

Solar energy is affordable, clean, and abundant in Utah, but we have yet to fully tap into this incredible energy resource. Utah Clean Energy has teamed up with three pioneering local governments—Salt Lake City, Park City and Moab—to pave the way for integrating more solar energy throughout the state.

This collaborative group comprises the “Renewable Electricity Impacts and Solutions” team, which is one of only nine teams selected nationally to join the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Innovation Network.

Partnering to Get to 100% Clean Energy

Salt Lake City, Park City and Moab have each set forth ambitious renewable energy goals. These cities are partnering with Rocky Mountain Power to procure renewables for the majority of their municipal use.  Through participation in the Solar Energy Innovation Network, participants will be able to identify and prioritize the challenges and opportunities for diversifying Utah’s energy mix with clean solar energy while minimizing cost, ensuring reliability, and increasing resiliency.

 “Despite ground-breaking local government commitments to clean energy, there are still technical hurdles we must address as we transition to renewable energy. The Solar Energy Innovation Network provides a unique opportunity to partner with a national laboratory and connect their deeply technical knowledge with local experts and local solutions who are working to clear those hurdles,” Kate Bowman, Utah Clean Energy’s project lead.

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for local governments to work together on best practices for our energy future, and to also leverage the expertise of NREL, Rocky Mountain Power, and Utah Clean Energy,” states Park City Mayor, Andy Beerman.