Proposed Changes to Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs

Proposed Changes to Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs
17 March 2019

On February 8, 2019, Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) filed an application with the Utah Public Service Commission proposing changes to its commercial energy efficiency programs. See docket 19-035-T01.

Generally, the proposal would change the way incentives are given for commercial lighting measures from a kilowatt-hour saved basis to a per-watt reduced basis. RMP also proposed categorizing commercial customers into small, medium, and large groups based on the customers’ total energy usage, then implementing incentives based on each category.

RMP stated that these changes were designed to more effectively encourage participation among commercial customers with lower hours of operation, which could increase the total number of program participants. Further, RMP stated that these changes would provide the same level of cost effectiveness as the current incentive structure. The application also includes an expansion of incentives to add advanced control systems to rooftop HVAC units on commercial buildings, which has proven to be an important opportunity for electricity savings in recent years.

However, after receiving comments from interested parties and reviewing RMP’s proposal, the Commission issued an order suspending its decision, saying that it needs additional information about the changes to the lighting incentives before making its final decision. As a result, the Commission has declined to approve or deny the proposal and ordered a technical conference on this issue, as well as two new rounds of comments from parties.

The technical conference will take place on March 26, and comments and reply comments will be due on April 9 and April 16 respectively. Utah Clean Energy will remain engaged in this process to make sure commercial customers in Utah get the best energy efficiency incentives possible.