Changes Planned for Logan Rooftop Solar Policy

Changes Planned for Logan Rooftop Solar Policy
15 May 2019

Changes are coming for Logan residents with rooftop solar. In January of this year, the Logan City Council hosted an open public meeting to discuss the city’s policy for compensating rooftop solar customers who export power to the grid. The meeting was well-attended by community members and included presentations from Logan City Light & Power and Utah Clean Energy. Many members of the public provided comments, and the meeting facilitator led a productive conversation about the need to maintain reliable and affordable electric service without discouraging Logan residents from investing in rooftop solar.

Based on the public comments provided at the meeting, Logan City drafted proposed updates to the City’s rooftop solar policy which were presented to the City Council on Tuesday, May 7th. (Watch meeting video – solar discussion starts at 2:17:20). The new policy ends the net metering program and replaces it with a “distributed generation metering policy” that provides compensation for each kilowatt-hour of energy that is exported to the grid. Rooftop solar customers may still continue to use the power produced from their own solar panels at their home. When the home isn’t consuming power, the energy generated will be exported to the grid in exchange for compensation. Initially, the export credit rate will be equal to the weighted average retail rate (9.8 cents per kilowatt-hour). Over time, as more solar is installed on the grid, compensation for exported solar energy will step down as follows:

Residential Excess Energy Purchase Schedule:

  • Step 1: Up to 2500 kW installed (about 400 homes): $0.098 (weighted average retail rate)
  • Step 2: 3000 kW installed (about 500 homes): Weighted average wholesale cost + $0.035
  • Step 3: 3500 kW installed (about 600 homes): Weighted average wholesale cost + $0.025 Step 4: 4000+ kW installed: Weighted average wholesale cost + $0.015

There are currently 1,038 kilowatts of solar in Logan.

More key points from the updated Logan City policy:

  • The new policy includes a new monthly charge for all customers ($5 for residential, $10-$15 for commercial and industrial).
  • In exchange, the policy slightly lowers the price per kilowatt-hour of energy for all customers.
  • Logan City will continue to require that customers install both a bi-direction meter and a production meter.
  • Existing solar customers will not be grandfathered into the net metering program. When Logan reaches 2,500 kW of rooftop solar, the export credit rate will begin to step down for all customers.

The City Council plans to vote on these proposed changes at the May 21 City Council meeting (held at 5:30 PM at the Logan City Council Chambers, 290 North 100 West.)

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