Project Skyline: Advancing City-Wide Energy Savings

Project Skyline: Advancing City-Wide Energy Savings
06 May 2014

Project Skyline: Advancing City-Wide Energy Savings

Utah Clean Energy is honored to partner with Salt Lake City on the Project Skyline initiative. Project Skyline is a "cornerstone initiative of Sustainable Salt Lake – Plan 2015, which is designed to dramatically cut energy waste and associated air pollution in buildings across Salt Lake City, while creating local jobs, and increasing the economic vitality of Salt Lake City.

The Latest

The Mayor's Skyline Challenge encourages building owners to meet ambitious air quality and energy savings goals. Participants evaluate their buildings energy use, set energy goals, and implement energy buildingsprojects. Buildings and facilities that lead the way in energy savings will receive special recognition from the City.  Interested building and facility owners can join the Challenge now.

Making it Easier to Measure Energy Use – Automated Benchmarking
Measuring and benchmarking a building's energy consumption is the first step to stopping energy waste, saving money and cutting pollution. Since late 2014 Utah Clean Energy has partnered with Salt Lake City, the US Department of Energy, and Rocky Mountain Power to accelerate automated access to building energy data. We are thrilled to report that Rocky Mountain Power will soon launch a new automated benchmarking platform that makes it easy for building owners and managers to automatically upload energy consumption data into EPA's free energy benchmarking program, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.  This program gives buildings a score similar to a miles per gallon metric for vehicles.  Questar Gas is expected to follow suite soon, making energy benchmarking simple and seamless!