Park City Council Adopts Net Zero Energy Standards for Municipal Facilities

Park City Council Adopts Net Zero Energy Standards for Municipal Facilities
19 October 2017

On October 16, 2017 the City Council of Park City unanimously passed a resolution to adopt “net-zero energy performance requirements” for city owned and funded buildings. With the adoption of this policy new municipal facilities will be designed, built, and operated according to one of three standards noted in the resolution: the International Living Future Institute’s “Energy Petal” Certification; a score of zero using the New Buildings Institute’s Zero Energy Performance Index; or Passive House certification with on-site renewables. The resolution, which is thought to be the most ambitious such policy in the nation, is an important step in helping Park City achieve its goal to be net zero carbon and powered by 100% renewable electricity by 2022 for municipal facilities.

Net zero energy buildings are highly energy efficient buildings that produce as much on-site renewable energy as they consume over the course of a year, and play a central role in improving air quality and reducing climate change emissions.

Utah Clean Energy, in partnership with the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, stimulated Park City's interest in this important policy through an industry workshop in April 2017 and helped shape the policy through sharing feedback with Park City staff. Utah Clean Energy congratulates Park City for taking a leadership role on net zero energy buildings!

You can learn more about the resolution by reading Park City's press release.