Energy Equity Pilot Project Surpasses Goal

Energy Equity Pilot Project Surpasses Goal
10 September 2018

Utah Clean Energy has wrapped-up our Salt Lake City “Neighborhood Light Swap” pilot program! The idea was to help low-income and underserved communities reduce pollution and save money on their monthly utility bills.

If we’re going to address climate change, we need to ensure everyone has access to energy efficiency tools, and LED light bulbs are a quick and easy way to cut energy waste. But, they do come at a higher price tag. The Neighborhood “Light Swap” offered households in the 84104 and 84116 zip codes to chance to “swap” up to 15 conventional light bulbs for energy-saving LEDs for FREE and learn about other low-cost ways to save energy and reduce pollution. The results are in!

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Why Only Two Zip Codes?

To maximize the impact of resources for the pilot project, we focused on zip codes 84104 & 84116. This area was chosen due to a greater discrepancy in median income between the eastern and western sides of the city- the latter housing a greater number of lower income residents than the eastern portion. Additionally, these zip codes have the lowest participation rates in energy efficiency programs within the city. As a result, this geographic area was selected for the potential of having the most to benefit from free energy upgrades and education on energy conservation.

What’s Next?

The impact from the pilot program would not have been possible without the collaboration and support from partner organizations, local community leaders and local community centers. A big thanks to Rocky Mountain Power for donating energy-saving LEDs! This work also would not have been possible without support from our donors.

Taking lessons learned from the pilot, Utah Clean Energy will be continuing and expanding on our energy equity work (read more about this issue here). We are exploring opportunities to expand these efforts, strengthening collaboration with organizations