Meet the New Team Members

Ryan AndersonRyan Anderson, Community Program Coordinator

Program Focus: Summit Community Power Works, Path to Positive Utah, Utah Climate Action Network
Thirsty for new experiences, I left Utah after 18 years to Brown University, where I quickly found myself enveloped in the activist community and discovered my passion for social justice and environmental equity! In May of 2018, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Brown University, where I lead multiple activism and environmentally focused student groups. By my senior year, I grew to appreciate Utah’s beautiful landscape, unique quirks, and vibrant personality  I’m so happy to be back here exploring the city and mountains and working for a nonprofit that so closely aligns with what I love!

I look forward to digging in on several of Utah Clean Energy's community initiatives including Summit Community Power Works, Path to Positive, Utah Climate Action Network and Community Solar programs.

Jeff B

Jeff Bousson, Climate Program Manager

Program focus: Summit Community Power Works and Utah Climate Action Network
For the past 10 years, I have been eager to dedicate my career and life to building a more healthy and sustainable future for our society and planet. While many folks may think that the natural environment and society operate in silos, they don’t, and our civilization absolutely depends on the health and carrying capacity of our natural environment. Anthropogenic climate change is the most defining issue of our generation and I couldn’t feel more grateful to have the incredible opportunity to work with Utah Clean Energy as the new Climate Program Manager!

From a 10,000-foot perspective, I am very excited to be working with my team and cross-sector entities to empower the State of Utah to become a true leader in advancing climate action (mitigation and adaptation). More specifically, I am genuinely excited to help support Salt Lake City, Park City, and Moab with achieving their ambitious and absolutely necessary climate and clean energy goals. Last but certainly NOT least, I cannot wait to help expand upon the successes of the Utah Climate Action Network and Summit Community Power Works, where at least 200 households are participating in the challenge and 100 tons of CO2 are reduced by 2019 so that we can replicate success across the state!

Aimee UrbinaAimee Urbina, Utah Conservation Corps member

Program Focus: Empower Salt Lake City and additional energy equity efforts
There are series of experiences that has led me onto the path of clean energy and climate work. From being a high school student involved in Latinos in Action with a growing passion in human rights to having a little brother that needs a healthy planet with the resources for education and opportunity. In the end, I found myself circling back to the threats of climate change and my power to act. That is why I’m extremely grateful to be part of the Utah Clean Energy team! I will be assisting with the Energy Equity programming for residents residing in the zip codes 84116 and 84104. I will also be helping with the Utah Energy Wise Communities programming where we will develop resilient and energy efficiency plans for cities. It is so crucial for me to include the environmental justice component in my work. Often times it goes overlooked and I’m happy UCE has taken a step in tackling these pressing issues right here in my home state.