Zero Energy Ready Homes in Summit County

Zero Energy Ready Homes in Summit County
05 June 2019

Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties has ambitious plans for the first two homes that they’re building in Silver Creek Village: to design the homes so energy efficient that they achieve the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Zero Energy Ready Home” certification.

“Our ultimate goal is affordable housing, and energy bills play a big role in affordability,” states Shellie Barrus, the Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties. “By making these homes ultra-energy efficient, the energy bills in this home will be next to nothing.”

Construction on the homes in Silver Creek Village will begin this summer, but efforts to make them Zero Energy Ready kicked off last year through a collaboration with Utah Clean Energy, local architects Think Architecture, and energy experts, Nexant. Together with Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties, the group is leveraging our expertise to make the Silver Creek Village homes the first Habitat for Humanity projects in Utah to meet the Zero Energy Ready Home standards.

“Energy efficiency equals lower energy bills and a more comfortable home,” states Kevin Emerson, Utah Clean Energy’s energy efficiency program director. “This is an exciting opportunity to show that building to Zero Energy Ready standards is doable, and also what a positive impact energy efficient building has on a family’s income when they don’t have to worry about high energy bills.”

To achieve Zero Energy Ready Home certification, the building plans underwent an energy assessment to determine what efficiency strategies would save the most energy. The Habitat homes at Silver Creek Village will utilize state-of-the-art building practices including advanced heating, lighting, insulation, air tightness, and ventilation equipment.

Construction is expected to being this summer! Stay tuned for updates as the homes begin to take shape.

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