Building a Zero Energy Ready Home

Building a Zero Energy Ready Home
21 June 2020

Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties ZERH Partner logois building two of their newest homes so energy efficient that they achieve the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Zero Energy Ready Home” certification. Utah Clean Energy in partnership with local architects Think Architecture, and energy experts, Nexant are helping them achieve this goal! 

Zero Energy Ready Homes are so energy efficient, on-site rooftop solar can offset all or most of its annual energy needs. This means close to zero energy bills and zero unnecessary pollution!  If you're building a home, go for zero! Get started by downloading these free infographics on the first steps of building a Zero Energy Ready Home, and stay tuned for more!  


 Getting to Zero Energy Ready

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 Step 1: Energy Modeling

click to downloadENERGY MODELING 2 

Step 2: Insulation and Air Sealing

click to downloadINSULATION

Step 3: Heat and Cool

click to downloadHEAT AND COOL


Step 4: Appliances

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