Partners in the Park: Westpointe Park

Tuesday June 25th, 2019 6p-8p

Westpointe Park 1920 W Colonel Rd. (1120 N)

Partners in the Park (PIP) is a multi-week summer program designed to bring University faculty, staff, students, community partner organizations, and west side residents together in local neighborhood parks. PIP acquaints West side residents with the University of Utah its academic cultural, and research opportunities through shared interests and activities. The program connects potential students with the U and other institutions of higher education, raising their awareness of and access to the lifelong value of higher education. The events also provides west side residents with access to local resources and organizations.

The program draws upwards of one thousand residents and partners. Past activities have included dance presentations, balloon tying, a magic show, Frisbee contests, kickball, soccer, temporary tattooing, balloon relay races, raffles, hat making, Taekwondo, gardening activities, bingo, Zumba, jump rope, and face painting. Free picnic dinner is served to attendees at each event.