Thomas Kessinger

Beneficial Electrification Program Manager

Thomas Kessinger is a clean energy attorney specializing in the implementation of goods and services to accelerate the electrification of our modern environment. Thomas obtained his J.D. from the University of Utah in 2018 specializing in administrative and energy law. In his second year of law school the State of Utah awarded Thomas with the O’Hara Natural Resources Fellowship. Through this fellowship he worked with the various agencies within the Utah Department of Natural Resources and examined the complex intersection between energy, electricity, and sustainability. At the close of the O’Hara Fellowship Thomas accepted a position at the Western Electricity Coordinating Council as an Enforcement Attorney where he saw the rapid energy transformation play out regionally throughout the Western Interconnection. Thomas is a life-long Salt Lake City resident who frequently enjoys the open space that the Wasatch provides. In addition, Thomas owns and operates a non-commercial artist incubator to serve the many creative individuals In Salt Lake City.