Climate change is the most pressing challenge of our time.
The solutions are at our fingertips.

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We must take dramatic action now to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change. The good news is that we have the tools and technologies to do it! Working together, we can overcome the climate crisis by accomplishing four goals:


Are transformed to be renewable energy powered



Become ultra-energy efficient and electric



Is electrified instead of gas powered



On climate change solutions at the local, national, and global levels


You Are a Part of the Climate Solution!

We all have a role in the work to address climate change, and together we can have cleaner air and a healthy climate. What’s your role?

The Latest on our Climate Progress

Energy Equity, Local Government Climate Leadership

electricity power in nature. clean energy concept. solar panel with turbine and tower hight voltage sunset background

Reflections on the Legislative Session: Clean Energy, Coal, and Diversity

Now that Governor Cox’s deadline to veto legislation has passed, the 2024 Legislative Session is officially over (with the caveat …

Reducing Emissions from our Homes and Buildings, Rooftop Solar

4,953 megawatts of energy saved through energy efficiency programs; and, 929 megawatts of energy saved through direct-load control programs.

Tax Time Brings the Potential for Big Energy Savings

April signals tax season, not typically a time for celebration. However here at Utah Clean Energy, we’re  excited about the …

Clean and Electric Transportation, Electric Vehicles for All

Electric trucks

ElectrifyYour Fleet: Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fleet Electrification Analysis

Have you wondered how electric medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) vehicles would perform in your fleet? Don’t miss out on this …

Rooftop Solar, Uncategorized


S.B. 189 will make rooftop solar fair and predictable

Utahns who want to go solar aren’t getting a fair deal for the solar energy they send to our shared …


Utah State Capitol

2024 Legislative Priorities

The 2024 Utah Legislative Session begins January 16. Utah Clean Energy’s policy team is working on a variety of bills …

Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Happy woman rests on couch in modern cozy living room looks up on wall holds cooler system remote controller air conditioner user enjoy fresh air in hot summer day, set comfortable temperature indoors

Federal Home Energy Rebates are Coming to Utah 

As you gear up for colder weather, how about adding some air quality improvements to your fall festivities? The Wasatch …

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Take Your Sustainable Lifestyle to the Next Level

The mounting impacts of climate change and poor air quality demonstrate why it’s so vital that we make the right choices in our daily lives. Take your sustainable lifestyle to the next level! The Utah Energy Hub was developed to give you all of the resources you need to save energy, go solar, and make the switch to an electric vehicle! Get Started Today!

Energy Efficiency

Going Solar

Electric Vehicles

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

Barack Obama, Former US President