Energy Equity

Utah Clean Energy’s Commitment to Equity 

Utah Clean Energy understands that working towards equity and social justice is an ongoing, dynamic, and complicated process. To that end, we are committed to learning and adapting in order to embed equity into our daily work, programs, and office environment. To achieve these things, we focus on the following priorities: 

Include and Uplift Diverse Voices: Utah Clean Energy aims to nurture an inclusive environment by promoting and incorporating diverse perspectives into our initiatives and promoting the voices of those who are most impacted by climate change. We promote equity and justice to work towards dismantling systems of oppression based on race, class, gender, language, citizenship status, sexuality, age, ability, etc.  

Build Relationships: We work to build strong, reciprocal relationships with diverse community members, organizations, and institutions. Through collaborative opportunities, we strive to elevate underrepresented voices into initiatives that support a clean energy economy and address climate change. 
Staff Engagement and Awareness: Utah Clean Energy commits to building internal capacity to address equity through staff education, strategic planning, and community engagement. This is an ongoing learning process, and we are excited to continue this journey on the path to climate justice. 

Incorporating Equity Into Our Work: To achieve Utah Clean Energy’s vision of “healthy, thriving communities for all, empowered and sustained by clean energy,” equity, social justice and inclusivity need to be included in all facets of our work, from policy and regulatory initiatives, to our community programs and partners.

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