Transitioning to a clean, renewable grid

Tapping into Utah’s abundant, pollution-free, renewable energy resources means not having to choose between a healthy climate and a healthy economy

The cost of large-scale renewable energy is now on-par with, or even cheaper than, traditional energy resources. Unlocking our full renewable energy potential means reshaping our electricity sector. Our experts work with utilities to help lead the way by modernizing our electricity grid and embracing new clean energy resources.

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Making an impact with large-scale renewable energy

“Utah Clean Energy has been the driving force needed to advance the renewable energy industry in Utah. They have and continue to play a vital role in educating our politicians and power companies on what is being done across the nation and have given a voice to what residents of this beautiful state want. We are proud to be a partner with Utah Clean Energy.”

Mark Richards, Intermountain Wind and Solar
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Our Large-Scale Renewable Energy Team