Join the Clean Energy Business Coalition

The Clean Energy Business Coalition provides a unique opportunity to join a diverse, powerful community dedicated to transforming the way we use and distribute energy across the West.

Investing in Climate and Clean Energy Solutions

The Clean Energy Business Coalition is comprised of businesses, nonprofits and local governments who want to invest and engage in local clean energy, energy efficiency, air quality and climate solutions. Members have unique access to expert information on clean energy and climate issues in Utah. Our members are able to leverage Utah Clean Energy’s staff of experts to develop, strategize, and advance local air quality and clean energy related policy.

Utah Clean Energy’s team includes the state’s foremost experts on win-win, clean-energy policy, and much of our success expanding Utah’s clean energy solutions is made possible by working with the Clean Energy Business Coalition. 

What are the responsibilities of membership?

Utah Clean Energy works with our Coalition Members on a variety of policy and regulatory fronts. Members are encouraged to participate in coalition committees and to attend networking events, group calls, and policy briefings. However, we do not mandate the specific involvement of any company in a particular activity or event. Member companies are free to choose those meetings, briefings, engagements and initiatives that best suit their needs and political preferences.

What are the membership dues?

To explore joining the Clean Energy Business Coalition, please contact Erica Marken, Development Director at 801-695-8379.