Zero Energy Homes & Buildings

Zero energy homes and buildings are so energy efficient that on-site rooftop solar can meet the buildings' annual energy needs.

Utah Clean Energy is advocating for programs and policies that help builders, developers, local governments and others make the transition to zero energy buildings powered with 100% renewable energy.

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Getting Commercial Buildings on the Path to Net Zero

Our buildings are directly contributing to climate change and local air pollution. Energy used in our homes and buildings contributes up to 40% of U.S. …

Making an Impact with Zero Energy Ready Homes

“I’m the builder for Habitat for Humanity. I’ve built a lot of houses, but nothing like this net zero home. For the homeowner, it is going to be zero energy, so they are going to save money on energy bills, which means more income for things like groceries and healthcare.”

Arcadio Madrigal, Construction Manager Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties
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Getting to Zero Energy


A Home Energy Label Program Will Reduce Pollution and Empower Homebuyers

THE CHALLENGE  Information is power. Think about all of the consumer labels we use every day to make the best decisions: nutritional facts on our food products, and miles-per-gallon (MPG) labels on our cars to name …

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Living Buildings and WATER

The team at Salt Lake City’s Architectural Nexus are now building what we hope will be the first ever Living …

Getting to Zero Energy, Reducing Emissions from our Homes and Buildings


Architecture Firm Headquarters Aims to be First Commercial Living Building in Utah

Architectural Nexus, one of the top 100 national green architecture firms, is taking on the fight against pollution, water waste, …

Getting to Zero Energy, Reducing Emissions from our Homes and Buildings, Utah Building Codes

Builder in framed house (1)

Oppose Efforts to to Change the Utah Uniform Building Code Commission

Utah Homeowners Deserve Fair Representation and Up-to-Date Building Codes Residential construction is booming in Utah. New homes are going up …

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