Saving Energy & Going all Electric

Energy efficiency and electrification are keys to climate-friendly buildings

Reducing energy waste from our homes and buildings is one of the cheapest, fastest, and easiest ways to reduce emissions. When we electrify our homes and buildings by using energy efficient electric heating technologies, such as air source heat pumps, we make our homes and buildings emission free! Utah Clean Energy partners with builders, utilities, and policymakers to bring energy-efficient, electrified building to the forefront in Utah

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Building Affordable Emission-Free Homes in Salt Lake City

In 2022, Salt Lake City’s Housing Stability Division finished building two identical affordable emission-free homes. This project was supported by Utah Clean Energy and Goldman …


Utah Clean Energy is making a difference in Utah by supporting and advocating for the construction of affordable, efficient, and innovative homes and buildings. Our energy landscape is transforming in a positive, sustainable way thanks to adoption and promotion of energy-efficient construction practices and incorporation of efficient building electrification.

Chris Cox, Nexant
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