Beehive Emission Reduction Plan

The Utah Division of Air Quality is in early stages of applying for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Climate Pollution Reduction Grant” (CPRG) Program. This is an opportunity for the State of Utah and Salt Lake City to leverage $3 million and $1 million respectively in federal funds to undertake greenhouse gas emissions planning at the state and local levels. Through this grant, our state and community leaders can identify cost-effective strategies to reduce emissions, promote innovative energy, transportation, and climate solutions, and ensure that Utah is taking an active role in reducing emissions in the face of climate change. 

The EPA requires all CPRG applicants to provide a “priority climate action plan” by March 2024. DAQ has asked stakeholders to assist them in identifying greenhouse gas emissions reduction measures, and to assist in outreach to low-income and disadvantaged communities, as equity is a foundational part of the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program. Initial public comments are due this Friday, October 13. Utah Clean Energy will be offering our initial ideas and following this process closely. 

You can see more information about the Beehive Emissions Reduction Plan process on the Division of Air Quality website at  


Max Becker

Senior Associate - Advancing Federal Climate Opportunities

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