Businesses Ask Utah Leaders to Support a Clean Energy Economy

Utah Business and Community Leaders Call for Utah’s Congressional Delegation to Support Utah’s Clean Energy Economy

Thirty of Utah’s clean energy and energy efficiency businesses and local governments joined Utah Clean Energy in a joint letter to Utah’s congressional leaders, calling for critical investment in our clean energy economy. 

As Congress acts to reignite our economy, there is untapped potential to spur job and economic growth through our clean energy industries.  Utah alone has over 32,000 energy efficiency jobs, and another 7,000 jobs from local solar businesses, according to the 2020 U.S. Energy & Employment report by NASEO and The Energy Futures Initiative. However, the impact of the pandemic has the potential to significantly interrupt the growth of Utah’s clean energy economy without prompt and targeted support by policymakers.

The letter requests that Utah’s Congressional delegation support action in six areas in order to protect these Utah jobs while also making transformative investments in emerging energy infrastructure that can reduce the risks of climate change while providing long-term energy and cost savings to families and businesses in our state. Smart policy choices now will help us to build a stronger, healthier, and resilient society after the pandemic.

“Utah has everything to gain by prioritizing clean energy jobs in the work to rebuild our economy. Investments in our nation’s already job-creating energy efficiency and clean energy industries will help put Americans back to work while also making us less vulnerable, more resilient, and better prepared to address climate change.” – Utah Clean Energy’s Government and Corporate Relations Manager, Josh Craft


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