Electric Ready Homes: A Clean Air Innovation for Utah

Utah is the fastest growing state in the country and decisions we make today about new housing can promote smarter growth, affordability and clean air.

Utah has an opportunity to level the playing field for housing developers while enhancing access to clean and affordable technologies for Utah families. Efficient, electric appliances and vehicles have improved dramatically in recent years and can now offer best-in-class comfort, reliability and affordability to homeowners and renters. 

 This includes providing for everyday needs such as space heating, water heating, and cooking and also extends to vehicles and cutting emissions from our commutes. Ensuring homes in Utah are constructed to be Electric Ready will enhance choice for households and better position the state to advance its clean air goals. 

A new proposal was recently approved by the Utah Uniform Building Code Commission’s (UBCC) Mechanical Advisory Committee would require new homes to be built “electric ready.”  This is the first time an electric ready code has been considered by the State of Utah. If adopted, the change would improve access to technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs) and efficient electric heat pumps that reduce air pollution while increasing energy affordability for households.

The UBCC only reviews the residential building code once every six years—so the timing of this issue is critical!


kevin emerson

Kevin Emerson, MSc

Director of Building Efficiency and Decarbonization

Electric Technology's Solutions and Benefits

Clean Electric Vehicles 

Electric vehicles are trending towards becoming the most affordable option in the U.S. and will eliminate tailpipe emissions. 

Consumer Choice 

Protect consumer choice by improving access to efficient appliances and vehicle options without expensive retrofit costs.

Efficient Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps can operate at 300%-plus efficiency, leveraging proven technologies for space and water heat

Healthier Cooking Options

Protect the cooks and kids in your house from pollution with efficient electric cooking appliances such as high-performing induction range

Defining “Electric Ready”

“Electric Ready” means building a home or property that is better prepared to access clean, affordable technologies both now and in the future.

By ensuring that electric wiring and capacity is installed up front, homeowners can avoid expensive upgrades down the road when they upgrade their appliances or purchase an electric vehicle.

Electric readiness is a small up front investment to enhance choice and save overtime as Utah households take advantage of innovative, clean air solutions.

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