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Since 2001, Utah Clean Energy has led the transition to a new clean energy economy in Utah and the West with vision and expertise. Through advocacy, policy, and public outreach we tackle today’s serious energy challenges with a toolbox of innovative solutions and workable strategies in four main areas:


Reducing Pollution by Preventing Energy Waste13

The fastest and most affordable way to transition to a clean energy future is to reduce the amount of energy that is wasted. By increasing the energy efficiency of our homes, buildings, and vehicles, it’s easy to get more for less: more productivity, less wastefulness; more comfort, less compromise; more profit, less pollution. Oh, and lots of local jobs! Which is why Utah Clean Energy focuses on making it easier for Utah families to save money, and to start reaping the benefits of energy efficiency today.
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Making Renewable Energy Simple & Affordablefamily with solar panels

Tapping into Utah's abundant, pollution-free, renewable energy resources means not having to choose between a healthy climate and a healthy economy. What's not to love? Yet, certain barriers are standing in the way of creating more clean energy. Utah Clean Energy is in the business of busting barriers. We remove the obstacles to make both rooftop solar, and large-scale renewable energy the simple, affordable, and most accessible choice for Utah families and businesses.
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Improving Air Quality with EV’s:

22Electric vehicles, or EVs, which require no gasoline and emit no pollution from their tailpipes, present a critical opportunity to improve air quality along the Wasatch Front, while at the same time reducing households’ fuel costs. With the support from organizations such as Utah Clean Energy and our friends at Leaders for Clean Air and Utah Clean Cities the EV market has grown substantially here in Utah, but the efforts need to continue.
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Planning for a Clean Energy Future and Livable Planet:

 37Utah Clean Energy is here to ensure that the important choices of “how much” and “what kind” of energy resources we invest in today reflect the long-term best interests of Utah and provide a smarter approach to energy planning – to benefit of our economy, our families, and our quality of life. In fact, over the next 20 years, over $200 billion will be invested on energy resources in the West. A transition to a clean energy economy by eliminating our dependency on fossil fuels can help mitigate the enormous consequences we face to our health and the health of our planet if we continue to overload our atmosphere with COemissions. We engage in policy and regulatory action (the utility planning processes), working to anticipate future energy needs and build a strong clean renewable energy market. Will Utah invest in non-polluting clean energies, or will we sink money back into resources that pollute our air and water, and deplete our natural resources? Help us make the change!
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