Charting a Path for Reliable, Resilient, and Affordable Clean Energy

Making our cities more sustainable just became easier! Utah Clean Energy in partnership with Moab, Park City, Salt Lake City, and Rocky Mountain Power has developed a roadmap that other cities can tailor and implement to achieve greater levels of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electrified transportation.

The roadmap provides strategies for local governments to maximize the benefits of clean energy over the next 10-years by using a combination of distributed and large-scale technologies including:

 Rooftop SolarElectric VehiclesEnergy StorageElectrified Buildings
 Energy Efficiency Wind FarmsSolar FarmsGeothermal Energy

Combined, these resources will help local governments meet their clean energy goals while also delivering local economic and health benefits, improved resilience, and lower energy bills.

The Utah team is one of nine teams selected to join the first round of the Solar Energy Innovation Network. The Network is led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and supports teams across the United States that are researching solutions to real-world challenges associated with solar energy adoption.


Kate Bowman

Kate Bowman

Renewable Energy Program Manager

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