A Zero Energy Rebuild for a Healthy Climate

Central to addressing both climate change and local air pollution is prioritizing fossil-fuel-free, energy-efficient buildings, and the Climate Innovation Center will lead by example! With help from our supporters, Utah Clean Energy is renovating what is an energy-intensive building to make it one of the City’s most energy efficient, climate-wise buildings showcasing state-of-the-art, net-zero design. In addition to being Utah Clean Energy’s headquarters, the building will be a living laboratory and teaching tool for the community to learn how to build and renovate buildings for optimal pollution reduction.

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Energy used in our existing homes and buildings contributes nearly 40% of U.S. energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, but those emissions can be drastically decreased by renovating building stock to be ultra-energy efficient.  The Climate Innovation Center utilizes building and design techniques that result in net-zero carbon emissions:

all-electric & No fossil fuels

Using allelectric appliances for space heating, water heating, and cooking. 

Ultra-energy efficient

Airtight building envelope, high performance windows, natural ventilation, and “sleep mode” to avoid vampire loads.

Zero Energy Certified

All power needs will be met with on-site solar energy and battery storage.

water CONservation

Minimized water use through water efficient fixtures and appliances. 

Electric vehicle charging

With no tailpipe, EVs are a great air quality and climate solution. 

Eco-friendly landscaping

All green space will be drought tolerant and pollinator friendly.


In tandem with the construction progress underway (see here for a photo gallery) we are also developing a custom website and educational video series dedicated to teaching others how to achieve zero energy.  

As the building takes shape, we are documenting key milestones to achieving zero energy. See below for the first two of a nine-part video series detailing the key steps we are taking to make the Climate Innovation Center one of the most energy efficient, high-performance, solar powered buildings in Salt Lake City.

Introduction: What you will learn in the Climate Innovation Center video series

Step 1: Committing to Zero Energy & Bringing Together the Right Team

Stay tuned for more!


Thanks to a generous gift from The Alternative Visions Fund, Utah Clean Energy purchased our future home located at 215 South 400 East in Salt Lake City. This unassuming 2,988 square foot building was constructed in the 1950s, and while structurally sound, has not been updated since that era. 

80% of buildings that will be here in 2050 have already been built. It is essential to retrofit existing buildings to dramatically reduce emissions!

To that end we are working with a team of innovative high-performance contractors to reimagine and transform the space through sustainable state-of-the-art architectural and mechanical design and construction.

The starting point: Construction will begin on the current building site in May of 2023!


We’ve partnered with some of Utah’s best building specialists to ensure the Climate Innovation Center meets the highest standards of net-zero construction!  


Helping to bring the Climate Innovation Center to fruition is a Catalyst Committee made up of dedicated community leaders helping to raise funds and awareness about our project. 

Honorary Co-Chairs

Committee Members


Climate Champions - $100,000+


Martindale Family

My Good Fund

Preston Chiaro

Innovators - $50,000+

Bur Oak Foundation
Christian V. & Lisa D. Young Family Foundation
Estate of Naomi Franklin
Linda Leckman
Mark & Kathie Miller
Tim & Candy

Sustainers - $20,000+

John & Andrea Miller

Changemakers - $5,000+

Apex Clean Energy
Avi-on Labs
Barker Family Foundation
Chris & Rochelle Robinson
Cumming Foundation
Dave & Betsy Folland
Dennis & Deborah Haslam
Enyo Renewable Energy
Eggal Foundation
Fraser Bullock
Glen Watkins
Grandeur Peak Global Advisors
Greg & Diane Warnock Family Charitable Trust
Halo Fire Protection
I.J. and Jeanné Wagner Foundation
Iron Horse Concrete
Jim Byrne
Joseph & Barbara Andrade
Katie Wright & Bryan Markkan
K&L Acoustic & Drywall
Michael & Andrea Manship
Parsons Behle & Latimer
Peter Tomai
in memory of
Brent Giles
Rocky Mountain Power Foundation
Sarah Wright & Mark Oftedal
Scott & Connie Maves
Stephen G. & Susan E. Denkers Family Foundation
Stewart & Joan Ogden
STF Electric
Sweet Candy Fund for Health & Wellness
Tom & Jamie Love
Tony Sweet
Vicki & Paul Bennett