Federal Home Energy Rebates are Coming to Utah 

As you gear up for colder weather, how about adding some air quality improvements to your fall festivities? The Wasatch Front’s air quality challenges are no secret, but there is a lot you can do today to help reduce air pollution, while also saving money on utility bills. Let’s dive in! 

Home Energy Rebate programs coming soon! 

We’ve received a lot of questions from community members and businesses about two yet-to-be-launched Home Energy Rebate programs that will be coming to Utah (and across the country) in the near future. These game changing programs, which were authorized through the passage of the federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), are the Home Efficiency Rebates program and the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program, and will help Utahns save energy, reduce pollution, and clean the air. The programs will offer big financial incentives to help reduce the cost of energy-saving retrofits and efficient electric appliances in single and multi-family homes. Importantly, both of these programs are targeted toward low and moderate-income families and provide the largest rebates for low-income households. 

The Home Efficiency Rebates program provides rebates based on the amount of energy saved through energy efficiency upgrades. Eligible improvements include insulation, air sealing, smart thermostats, efficient water heating, and efficient heating and cooling equipment. Rebates through this program may be up to $8,000 per home depending on the level of energy savings and the household’s income. See more details here. 

The Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program provides rebates for the purchase and installation of efficient electric appliances and equipment, including heat pump water heaters, air source heat pumps, electric induction cooking, and heat pump electric clothes dryers. Electric wiring upgrades and/or electric panel upgrades are also covered if required to accommodate new electric appliances mentioned previously. This program also provides rebates for insulation, air sealing, ventilation improvements in a home. Financial rebates through this program may be up to $14,000 per home and up to 100% of the project costs depending on the household’s income and the total cost of the project. See more details here

When will Utah’s Home Energy Rebate programs be launched? 

The IRA provides federal funding for the Home Energy Rebates programs, but states will be administering the programs. Here in Utah, the Utah Office of Energy Development will be setting up and overseeing these rebate programs with $101 million in funding from the IRA. Staff from the Utah Office of Energy Development are currently planning program details and preparing to apply for funds and developing programs. While states have until January 2025 to submit applications to the U.S. Department of Energy to access the funds, we *hope* that Utah’s rebate programs will be available sometime in 2024. 

Will I be able to apply for a rebate retroactively? 

Our understanding is that rebates will not be available retroactively for purchases made before the rebate programs are launched. If you’re eager to make energy efficiency or electrification upgrades to your home soon, there are several incentives (including rebates and tax credits) that are currently available to Utah families:  

Stay tuned to Utah Clean Energy’s website and newsletter to learn more about the Utah Home Energy Rebates programs as we find out more details. 


Alyson Bergomi

Clean Energy Associate 

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