Utah Clean Energy Receives UCAIR Grant to Expand Adoption of Electric Vehicles

The grant will aid in bringing more electric vehicle (EV) charging to multifamily housing

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, January 8, 2024 – As EVs become more widely available and multifamily units continue skyrocket across the state, Utah Clean Energy is working to ensure that renters have the same opportunities for EV ownership as homeowners.

“It is no secret that our cars, trucks, and motorcycles are significant contributors to pollution along the Wasatch Front. Helping more Utahns adopt emission free EVs makes an incredibly positive impact on Utah’s air,” said Kim Frost, executive director at UCAIR.

The US Department of Energy reports that around 80% of EV charging happens at home. Unfortunately, that means that renters and those who don’t live in single-family homes are unlikely to be able to charge at home, presenting a significant barrier to EV adoption. With support from UCAIR, Utah Clean Energy will deliver technical assistance to several collaborating municipalities in developing EV readiness ordinances targeted at addressing this gap.

“For the transition to EVs to happen equitably, everyone who wants to drive an EV must have access to charging, including, and especially, those living in multi-family units,” states Kelbe Goupil, Utah Clean Energy’s Senior Associate of Electrification. “An EV readiness ordinance is an effective, localized approach for equitable and increased EV adoption.”

Through the grant, Utah Clean Energy will collaborate with participating municipalities to evaluate best practices, research, and provide technical support for the development of EV readiness ordinances aimed at expanding access to EV charging in multifamily housing. There will also be opportunities for additional municipalities to engage in peer-to-peer learning opportunities around EV readiness best practices and lessons learned.  

To learn more about Utah Clean Energy and their plans to lower emissions in Utah, visit https://utahcleanenergy.org/clean-and-electric-transportation/

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