Tips to Stay Cool

Looking to stay cool and comfortable this summer? See below for some quick tips

Use an Evaporative Cooler and Fans 

Go for an evaporative cooler (also known as a swamp cooler) and house fans instead of central AC. Evaporative coolers cool outdoor air by passing it over water-saturated pads, causing the water to evaporate into it. The 15°- to 40°F-cooler air is then directed into the home and pushes warmer air out through windows, so keep a window open for best results. Evaporative coolers can cut cooling costs by up to 75%, saving you an average of $161 a year when compared to AC. 

Install an Electric Heat Pump 

Although the name can be confusing, electric heat pumps are basically a modified AC unit that provide cooling in the summer and heat in the winter. You can cool and heat your home at a much lower carbon cost by installing an electric heat pump instead of a traditional AC of furnace. Since they heat homes more efficiently than furnaces, they can save you money and energy while keeping our air clean. 

Give your AC some TLC 

If your house has AC, vacuum air vents each month. This removes dust buildup and keeps your system running efficiently. Keep windows closed while operating. Make sure that furniture and other objects are not blocking the airflow through your vents. Keep electronics like lamps and TVs away from your thermostat, as this can trick your cooling system into running more than necessary. 

Replace your Furnace Filter 

No matter what cooling system you use, replace your furnace filter at least every 3 months, or sooner if you live in an area with high levels of air pollution. It’s important to replace your filter throughout the year to improve indoor air quality and help your heating and cooling systems work more efficiently. By frequently replacing your furnace filter, you can save an average of $32 a year! 

Close the blinds 

Simply closing window blinds to keep the sun from heating up your home is a great way to stay comfortable and keep utility costs low. Especially on the south and west sides of your home, where the afternoon sun is the hottest, keep your blinds or curtains closed to block excess sunlight and heat. 

Make the switch to LEDs 

LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting option currently available. They use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, last 25 times longer, and run much cooler than standard incandescent lights. 

Insulate and air seal 

Now is a great time to upgrade your home for more comfort and efficiency. Insulation doesn’t just keep your home warm in the winter – it keeps your house cool in the summer, too! Save energy and money year-round with weatherization upgrades. 

Residents of Salt Lake, Tooele, Davis, Weber, and Morgan Counties can apply for home energy upgrades through Utah Community Action’s Weatherization program. For weatherization service in other counties, click here

DIY-ers can take advantage of Dominion Energy’s Thermwise Weatherization Rebates. 


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